Company Profile
  • Subsidiary of Charles Schwab Corporation
  • One of the top 5 online Option Brokers in USA
  • Trades at NASDAQ, NYSE & AMEX
  • OX Mobile is rated as one of the Best Mobile Trading Platform by BARRON’S with 4.5/5 rating for 4 consecutive years.
  • OX Mobile played strategic role in optionsXpress being rated as “BEST FOR OPTIONS TRADERS” by Barron’s for 5 consecutive years.
OptionsXpress Mobile Trading Platform Secures 4.5 Barron’s Ratings


  • Simplify the complex Options trading
  • Provide traders with intelligent real-time market data
  • Educate traders on a variety of investment strategies


Mobile App

Native mobile application that runs on Android, iOS and Windows Phone platforms

  • Dashboard: Market and Account information precisely consolidated in a single view.
  • Watchlist: Customizable watchlist to list and monitor your favourite stocks.
  • Idea Hub: A powerful tool that helps traders browse actionable option trade ideas
  • Option Chains: Provides traders with real-time quotes for each leg of virtually every option strategy. Comes handy in building complex spreads and place trade in a click
  • Walk Limit: Eliminates the time consuming process of manually modifying spread orders by automatically updating the order with most favourable price.
  • Charts: State-Of-Art charting with more than 27 inline and outline technical indicators for better analysis.
  • All-in-one trade ticket: Easily place advanced Options, Stock and Futures orders on a single screen. Named the “industry standard for placing orders” by Barron’s


An Omni-Channel platform interface that connects multiple broking systems to multiple access channels.


  • Integration: Seamlessly connects multiple OXAPI backend systems such as OMS, RMS and Settlement engine.
  • Security: Uses multiple approaches such as session management, data encryption and device activation to provide additional layer of security.
  • Notification: Facilitates Push Notification Management. Notifications can be triggered either globally or specific to a set of customers based on a given criteria.


  • 4.5/5 Barron’s rating for Mobile Trading Platform
  • Top-rated mobile trading app with 4/5 ratings in App Stores.
  • More than 120 K downloads.