Product Market Simplified MS Sheild

Shield is an intelligent alerts engine which is helping millions of investors across the globe by protecting their investments everyday from volatile market conditions. Shield can process 2,00,000+ alerts per second to engage customers by triggering alerts and push notifications to all front-end customer touch points.

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MyFlow’s conversational AI Platform is specially designed for Financial Institutions to provide the best conversational user experience to end customers. The Platform is built with over a decade of experience in implementing Digital Transformation solutions across 45+ financial institutions.

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Product Market Simplified Ms Xtrem

MSXtream is a reliable, high performance and low latency Realtime Streaming solution. With a benchmark of an average 10Kbps bandwidth, for a Nifty 50 Watchlist on Mobile during peak hours, the solution has helped Brokers reduce the Bandwidth & Hardware costs by up to 75% and help them scale by more than 100% seamlessly.

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Product Market Simplified MS Xtend

MSXtend is a simple, fast and reliable trading platform built by Market Simplified. MSXtend carries the legacy of solutions built by Market Simpified and lets brokerages offer a pleasant and uncluttered experience to the users, helping them to place trades with ease.

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Product Market Simplified MS Data Analytics

Let your customers stay ahead of the market through our state-of-the-art analytics platform that gathers data from thousands of sources and presents it to the users in a easy to read and action interface. MSDatalytics can be integrated with any existing trading application.

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