RHB Securities



Company Profile
  • One of the top 10 brokers in Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX)
  • Subsidiary of RHB Investment Bank
  • Established in 1990
  • Trades USD 490 Million worth stocks on an average annually
RHB Securities Increase Revenue By 1.5X Through Mobility Channel


  • Legacy 3rd party trading backend systems that lacked performance and features.  Desktop application is the only available online channel.
  • The app is rigid in terms of feature expansion and requires additional cognitive efforts in installing and using the application.
RHB Securities Increase Revenue By 1.5X Through Mobility Channel


The solution for the above challenges is given in 3 parts.

Responsive Web App

  • Built on rich HTML5 and JavaScript  
  • Asynchronous Node.js based non-blocking framework  
  • Price streaming using secure web sockets  
  • Cluster Mode webserver for handling high load and traffic
  • Dashboard – Separate widget based dashboard for demo and trading user. It displays collective information and helps users make quick decisions and act on them just as fast.
  • Live Trade & Streaming – Updates the traders with the price and actively trading stocks with a minimal latency as low as 1 second.
  • Alerts – Set alerts based on stock prize and change values. The alert notifications are delivered via web app and e-mail.
  • Stock Screener – Helps user in searching stock based on certain criteria

Trading Platform

  • Market Data derivation from exchange feeds  
  • High Performance  
  • Robust and Scalable  
  • Seamless 3rd party integration  
  • Omni-Channel APIs
  • 1 Million Information processed daily  
  • USD 2 Billion worth transactions processed
  • 25 Thousand peak concurrent connections
  • Integrate Multiple Backend Systems  
  • Manage App Versioning and Updates  
  • Provide Additional Security  
  • Manage Notifications  
  • Manage Configurations


An Omni-Channel platform interface that connects multiple FX systems to multiple access channels.


  • USD 100 Million worth stocks traded  
  • 5000 + Unique users trading via this channel