Women’s Day 2021 Celebrations at Market Simplified

Market Simplified recently celebrated International Women’s Day on 8th of March 2021. The day was dedicated to its female employees, all of them being equal partakers in the company’s progress. HR Department of Market Simplified planned a virtual event to celebrate the occasion.

The Currents and the Quiz event organised received a great participation from the women employees. Manthu Lavanya and Anusha V were the winners for Google Currents Challenge whereas Narmadadevi, Manthu Lavanya and Soniya were declared winners for the Quiz contest. Winners of the contests were given Amazon Gift Vouchers and goodies were also given to employees who visited the office on Women’s Day.

Sarees were also distributed to woman helpers as a gesture of gratitude for their constant services. Talking about the event, Abhilasha Sharma, Senior HR Executive at Market Simplified said, “It was a wonderful day of celebration and feels so happy to see all the women come together and celebrate the spirit of Womanhood. Market Simplified has always been a great place to work for women employees and their safety and security is always taken care of through woman-friendly policies.”

G Venkat Rangan, CEO, Market Simplified, conveyed Women’s Day wishes to all the hardworking women at Market Simplified. He said, “Right from the inception, we always strived to maintain the right gender balance at Market Simplified and believed in equal opportunities for all. Talking about gender balance, the world is now noticing its absence and celebrating its presence. We know the benefits of having a diverse representation of women in the workplace, and the emotional intelligence that women bring to the table. We are well aware that a gender-diverse workplace fosters creativity and innovation. I am very happy to mention that 38.3% of Market Simplified employees are women and the ratio is only about to get better with time.

We understand that having a family and a career can be a balancing act and strive to support all our employees to ensure that each person is able to reach their full career potential while maintaining a good work-life balance. Having a happy workforce is important to us, and, ultimately, also ensures that all our clients have the best possible experience.

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