Another occasion where MSFers got Rajinified

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In this part of the country he is a phenomenon. A 69 year old has done it again what he has been doing for decades now. A wave of magic swept the country again with his new flick hitting the screens on January 9th 2020. Undisputed Super Star of India yet again delivered his magic and by now you must be aware that we are talking about the movie ‘Darbar’ and the man himself ‘Rajini’ sir.

It has been a tradition in Market Simplified over the years to witness the Rajini mania on screens on the day of release. This year is no different. With the HR’s mail confirming the show details, the excitement has reached new highs. Rajini mania gripped the office and that has been the talk of the day.

It was show time and Rajini mesmerised again in the super cop role. It was vintage Rajini all the way and was a stellar performance from the seasoned actor yet again. For the team Market Simplified, it was another team outing which strengthened the bonding and instilled the spirit of the team. Team was thankful to the management and organizers for making it possible and the wait continues for Rajini sir’s next celluloid magic.

About the author: Deepti hails from the Business Development team at Market Simplified and her business card reads Business Development Executive. She is obsessed with wanderlust and never says no for trips and tours. She claims herself a foodie and cooks well too.

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