The WISE Culture @ Market Simplified

How much ever a company may advance, the core strength of the company shall always remain the people who empower that growth. Companies strive to offer a lucrative work culture that not only attracts talent but also retains it. Culture cannot be built overnight. It is the culmination of the Founder’s vision, legacy achieved over a period of time, work ethics followed, and many such attributes. Having been a great place to work for over 16+ years, Market Simplified’s WISE (Work-Life Balance, Imaginative, Skill Upgrade & Empathy) philosophy has still been the core aspect of work culture.

Work-Life Balance

Every employee has a personal life that has to be well respected. At Market Simplified, HR policies have always been employee-friendly which makes the Work-Life Balance easily achievable. Regular surveys and interactions make sure that employees are always in the right mind space. Best in industry leave policy, flexible working hours, and many such incentives make sure that the employees never have to worry about anything while at Market Simplified.


Pushing the limits of imagination has always been the DNA of Market Simplified. The groundbreaking innovations which we have achieved would not be possible if the employees were not given the freedom to think out of the box and challenge the status quo. At Market Simplified, there are no barriers to creativity. The flat organization structure also helps the cause by making sure that your ideas are heard and worked upon. Simply put, the sky is the limit for creativity at Market Simplified.

Skill Upgrade

Market Simplified offers the best in industry learning ground for professionals. Be it the freshers or experienced professionals, the projects they work on at Market Simplified enhance their skills and knowledge by manifold. The rewards and recognition system in place makes sure that your career path is always progressing as you keep adding new skills to your kitty.


Talk to any employee at Market Simplified, you will definitely hear the words,” We are a close-knit family.” There is no exaggeration in those words as every employee in the organization devoid of who they are or what they do is treated with utmost respect and empathy. Enjoying each other’s success and being with each other during periods of grief has happened naturally to Market Simplified.

The WISE philosophy has been a cornerstone of all the HR policies and is a delight for every employee who joins Market Simplified.

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