Strategy of Unfolding a Mobile Trading Application

The pattern of taste of each individual is contrasting and disparate. This is no one-size-fits-all recipe that will satisfy and earn a badge of a universal harmonious palate. The common strategy adopted is the preponderance of affection and antagonism to decide an upshot, a common minimum programme in Indian context. How far will this be successful? Unfortunately the affection quotient is spontaneous & dynamic; influenced by epigenome, emotional framework consciousness, observations , knowledge, environment, cognitive morale, physical state and plenty of other coerce forces.

In short, the underlying statement being, there is no single universal preference!!

In my short exploration of a preferred mobile trading application within my selected circles, I realised that product owners are equally confused about the end user’s need. They were completely inconclusive in positioning the product flavour; ended up either in making a plethora of distinct products or a heavy weight massive application with an ocean of features. In both the above choices, they force the user to use the application in the way it was structured without providing a flexibility of any choice of usage or what they seek. I couldn’t sense an affinity or belonging in this approach and design.

I will classify the general sentiment, the genuine demand and a traders emotion into three simple entities.

  1. Opportunity
  2. Curiosity
  3. Realisation
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