“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower” – Steve Jobs
Innovation is critical and helps us to stay ahead as thought leaders. We have a dedicated team of Technocrats, UX Experts and Business Specialists focusing on Innovating and Simplifying Finance.


Outsystems platform has enabled developers to build applications rapidly. This coupled with the ever increasing community and support is making Outsystems a desirable choice of platform.

Market Simplified has been honing the development capabilities over Outsystems and the Digital On-Boarding Solution developed on Outsystems is the new feather in cap as far as Outsystems capabilities is concerned.


Experience a new way to trade within a truly unified desktop environment.

Get the power of Finsemble, a smart desktop platform to get your multi-variant legacy or modern applications to sync, link and share information.

Apple Watch

Smart Watches are no longer a thing of the past. The creation of Smart Watches and Smart Glasses have proven that consumers wish to make data creation and consumption more convenient than it already is.

Apple iWatch is a state of the art smart watch which is an excellent combination of powerful hardware and rich features. At MSF Labs, we endeavour to create applications that can unleash the full potential of the iWatch platform in order to ensure that you stay always ahead. We extend the existing applications to the Apple Watch platform by integrating them with Apple Pay and Apple Passbook. This provides better user experience across various financial applications. Apple watch is a feature rich technology that lets you drive your apps using voice commands and maintain your application states between your iPhone and iWatch.

Apple Passbook

If you’ve got Apple Passbook, you no longer need to carry a wallet.

Apple Passbook is an electronic wallet application which is integrated with iOS to help you store and organize all your passes in a single place. The passes can be Credit cards, Debit cards, Boarding passes, Coupons, Tickets, Score cards, Membership cards, etc. These passes can be distributed via email, the web, or even directly from the app. Passes can be dynamically updated and can also hold location and time related information in order to notify users accordingly. Provide better notifications to your users and stay organized by integrating passes into your applications and solutions.

Geo Fencing

Make your application location aware and notify your users according to their preferences.

Geo Fencing uses the GPS and RFIDs in the users’ phone to identify their location. It helps you to notify users about appointments, offers and sales which are related to a particular location as they approach said location. It also enables users to set location based reminders to be notified later.


Know all about the companies behind your favourite brands and their market position.

Just point your smartphone camera at the logo of your favourite brand and the app will do the rest. Our cutting edge Processing and Recognition SDK matches the captured logo with hundreds of image signatures that are synched into the application and identifies the particular company.

Voice To Trade

Search for scrips and place order hands free, just by using voice commands. Using a powerful naturUsers can search for scripts and place orders hands free with the help of voice commands. Using a powerful natural language processing API, the user’s speech is converted into commands and then executed. This significantly reduces the number of steps involved to perform an action and provides an enhanced user experience.

Text to Trade

The user no longer has to go through multiple steps to perform a simple trade action.

To make trading simple and intuitive, we have brought forward the option of “Text to Trade.” All the user needs to do is just key-in simple text commands in the prescribed format in order to place a trade. The user is assisted with suggestive search options for further convenience. Simple fundamental options can now be performed without having multiple steps involved.

Community Portal

Engage your consumers by building a community and a social network around your business. This helps to drive a good flow of relevant information to you that can later be used to derive trends, user sentiments and feedbacks.

OpenFin Integration

OpenFin helps users overcome browser compatibility and security issues that appear when running a financial application. Integrating our rich HTML5 web application with OpenFin helps to port the application as an easily executable desktop application. This ported application will have all the features of rich web applications such as notifications, docking, tear outs, etc.

Biometric Authentication

With the recent technology developments, it has become clear that the old security measures are simply not strong enough to protect your valuable information. By enabling Biometric Authentication, your finger print becomes the only way to access your data. This ensures that your information cannot be viewed by anybody but you.

Heat Map

Plain Heat Map provides segregated visual data representations of the various sectors, offering information with ease. The sectors are represented with various colour and size variations depending on many financial factors such as volume, price, etc. You can set particular criteria and filter the information to your convenience.

Grouped Heat Map groups the sectors under their respective fields of work, such as finance, energy, etc. Once you select a group, you can find all sectors that belong to and work with that listed under that particular group.

Cascaded Heat Map helps you view the sectors under categories of field of work. You can view all the information on a single page without having to go through multiple screens to check out a stock.

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