You tube hounded by celebrities

Posted by | August 22, 2006 | Entrepreneurial | No Comments

Well ‘You tube’ the favourite interactive video site may not be all that non-commercial as it claims to be it. Or it might be that the most famous and the not so famous together hound the interactive web site for promotion. The latest to join the ‘You tube’ video site is none other than Warner Bros. Record which would be promoting ‘Paris’, Ms. Hilton’s debut album. Of course like all other interactive video’s it would be rated. The other news is that this ‘Brand channel’ will have sponsors like that of Fox’s ‘Prison Break’ for Ms. Hilton’s video. In other words unlike the other video’s the brand channel video’s main purpose would be to promote their product and probably to have an idea on the creditability of their product among viewers as ‘You Tube’ offers rating for its video’s. Well this is a nice break for this relatively new video interactive web site and am sure its CEO Chad Hurley would be one of the happiest person.

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