Yahoo’s Kickstart

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Social Networking has now got itself a new dimension, called the social job site. This new venture of Yahoo is called as ‘kickstart’ and is much much different from an ordinary job portal. Kickstart helps to find college students their ‘in’ jobs or companies they are interested in and connects them to the alumini in that particular company. Of course Kickstart requires the members to put in their photograph and add a short resume in the webpage. Also the page contains some information on the company that the student is interested in.

The idea is definitely social networking but the mission is to get the jobs for college students which they desire. The second part is something similar to facebook, and is called as the university page. Here the students get to have their bulletins, discussions etc.

Now anyone who are dreaming of their ‘in’ job get connected to you alumini, who know, your ‘in’ might be waiting for you!

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