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Where? In Wittman Regional Airport in Oshkosh, Wisconsin in United States, where Airventure-the largest airshow in United States was held. AirVentre is the place where both manufacturers and enthusiast get together for the biggest Air Show and also for ‘Air-market’, yes along with exhibition selling is done too!

Coming to the entertaining part, the various Aircrafts that were showcased and sold, let me enlist them one by one. E flight Initiative’s Sonex Aircraft and Aero conversion products, Elights aim was to develop alternate energy uses for airline industry, this was shown in their prototype of electric plane. The other
major seller was the ‘Cessna Skycatcher’ which sold at $109,500. Of course the major attraction were Cessna’s and ‘Airborne XT’ but the heavyduty ones did not lag behind, the major appealer was C-5B of U.S. Airforce and the U-2 Spy plane which were used during the pre-satellite, cold war period. The Beechcraft celebrated the 75th Anniversay during the show (could not have chosen a better venue)

Among these were concerts and party, which bought together enthusiast, buyers, antique lovers, historians and the party animals together! Man that must have been quite a party…I really wish I was there, but again I was bound to my duty!

Well then how did I get the news, thanks to CNet which along with beautiful photos has bought live the entire show through their article!

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