Wireless world

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I always dreamed of a Wireless world and this might become a reality with the help of WiMedia Alliance, which has introduced ‘Ultrawideband’ or UWB. This has made connection of PC to other peripherals like that of external hard drive and MP3 players possible. Just imagine what a different world it would be without wires running around and connecting one device to another, all we would need is a networking tecnology called the UWB. I think one hurdle in this present technology would be that the speed would come down when the distance between the PC and the other device or peripherals would increase, guess the distance within which the UWB would perform its best would be at the distance of 10meter, of course this small hurdle would also be surpassed in the near future. Imagine digital cameras connected to PC’s without cables and immediate download of photographs, the MP3 player would also work in the similar manner. Guess more sophistication need to be brought about in this technology as it is still in its initial phases, but guys I feel that this is a good start and with a certified wireless network nothing could be better.Have you ever wondered what might go wrong with such a breakthrough in networking technology. You guessed it right! it is security. There might be serious security lapses, as only an authorised PC user should have access to the other devises and this needs to be further strengthened or it might lead to serious repercussions.

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