What’s up in Microsoft?

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Hey long time we tailed on Microsoft. Let us see what happened after Mundie and Ozzie were named the successors of Bill Gates. According to an article on Cnet news.com, Mr. Taylor, who was the advisor to CEO Balmer, left Microsoft abruptly. Taylor was in charge of campaign against Linux. Also interestingly Taylor was the key man behind Microsoft’s new instant messaging system. Another news is that Microsoft would use the top cream of executives to pool in their ideas.

Talking about vertical system of working, Microsoft would further open its doors to workers by allowing them to take part in major decisions and give in their ideas on technical aspect.

Well looks like the company wants to make all its employees a part of the organisation, this might be a psychological approach making the workers believe that they are more than just salaried employees, it might make them feel as part of the organisation. But how many would welcome such a move, especially the top people at Microsoft who were the pillars of the organisation. Is that the reason that People like Taylor are leaving the company after putting in more than thirteen years of work?

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