Welcome 2007!

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It is around 4 in the evening as I write this, I am sure, all of us would have settled down after all the rejoicing and celebration in welcoming the new year. It is also the time when we look back and smile in content about the achievement and remember the lessons learnt. Of course there is so much to look forward to in this year. Well it has been a great year for team INXS and there is sense of achievement and joy when we are all stepping in to a New Year and era. With the joy of achievement comes the responsibility of carrying forward and maintaining the standard and quality, which INXS has achieved. Hence in the coming year we have been entrusted with the double responsibilities of maintaining the standard that INXS has been associated with, along with more achievements and breakthroughs, which I am sure we would definitely achieve. After all when you are with INXS you live life in excess!

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