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For once in many days the U.S. economy does not look very gloomy (like its weather right now, as the winters are setting in!). As the economy seems to be making a little progress with 2.2% as its annual growth. Though the estimated growth rate was 1.6%. The parameters governing growth, among other things trade and inflation seems to be put the economy on a ‘better off’ position.

Hey but not everyone shares this view, including Mr. Bernanke, the Fed chairman (well it is not an easy business sitting on a hot seat!) he said that the underlying inflation seems to on the higher side, and I am sure he is planning steps to curtail it again.

Mr. Bernanke’s main portfolio since taking up this hotseat seems to be only to supervise and control the rates!

Well on ths other side of the world things seems to be picking up well for China because of the some intelligent and not so risky investments it had undertaken as far as its ‘Social Security Fund’ was considered. Guess everything is a smooth ride for Chinese.

The Euro zone looks good and is all set to pick up growth of around2.4% by next year.

As far as home is concerned, after the China President’s visit, there has been more fireworks, it looks like that there would be a spurt in the Trade growth between china and India, and is likely to increase to about 17.6billion.

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