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Though the beginnning of the week looked quite promising for the United States. The week ahead looks a little damp, because of some of the major sectors taking a beating. According to reports from Reuters, one of them being the Energy sector, even though the market price of crude oil was every attractive at $60 per barrel, it did little to raise the spirits as far as the energy sector was concerned. Technology was another sector which might contribute to the low market position, one example is Apple. which made about a 0.7% decline. The sector which was affected the least was that of telecon. With the recent acquisition of bell south by that of AT&T, provided the boost for the telecon sector. Well guys you need to wait till next Friday to see if the various news really did infuluence the market. And of course dont forget the Fed interest rate, which thankfully has not risen above the 5.25%. This however does not seem to provide the necessary impetus for the coming week, let us wait and watch!

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