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Last 10 days was really super hectic for me measuring the length and breadth of the US sub continent.

Started my trip with New York, then about two days in Orlando, Florida. Was here for the WES Summit of Research in Motion (Blackberry). I was really happy with the progress we made there in terms of getting good exposure to our product and the platform. Have taken some good leads from there. Lets hope we get some good deals from this trip.

The other interesting part is, that sunday early morning we drove down to Kennedy Space Center which is about 50-60 miles from Orlando. This is the place from which all the manned missions are launched. Yes including Colombia which killed Kalpana Chawla. Also this is the place where the shuttles land after their mission. This place really taught me a lesson, they have made it so interesting and the visuals teach you so much that children taking interest in science will be far more than just reading books on science.

Also I was in cloud nine when my life time mission of flying on a chopper was achieved in Orlando. Flew a Robinson 44….oops flew on a Robinson 44 with a pilot 😉 this is really superb experience in life. Sat in the front with the pilot, of course with my hands tied from not touching the controls. Saw the entire Orlando including the Disney world in about 8 minutes. 8 heavenly minutes I should say.

From Orlando, went to Chicago with my sailor colleague where I had to complete some works with my company secretary for Market simplified Inc. From Chicago went to San Francisco again on some meetings I had with some VC’s.

Flying within the US is one hell for sure, as we get used to all the pampering of the Asian airlines. Indians for sure are very pampered I should say, not blaming though…..we deserve it anyways. All we get is peanuts to eat and sometimes not even that. I am not talking about low cost airlines, all are full service carriers like AA and UA.

Getting back was one back breaking journey, started Sunday morning local time in SFO, reached New York in the evening, left New York Sunday evening local time and reached Chennai Tuesday morning Indian time. In all I flew for more than 32 hours including the breaks in New York and Brussels. What kept me going was the service in Jet Airways and the food they served. kudos to them!

Will shortly upload all the pictures I took ,interesting ones only 😉 been too lazy to download it to my comp. promise to do it tonight and upload.

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