Unusually tiring Journey to US of A

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Finally made it to Big Apple just now.

Can you beat this, just when we landed in Brussels on Jet Airways the airport went on strike. We were supposed to have taken off to NY on the same flight with two hours break, but everything went haywire this time.

I thought we (Indians) were the only one’s accused of doing something like this, but was surprised to know that Europe has unions which will beat the Indian counterparts just like that.

Once we parked (luckily, unlike most others who landed later) the airport went on strike, so no baggage handling people, no one push the aircraft back, it was chaos at Brussels airport which is otherwise a peaceful airport. Finally strike was called off or they arrived at a compromise with one group and they cleared the planes after about 5 hours delay.

Now jet lag + long flight+ no sleep = battery critically low

So going to hit the bed early now. Will update tomorrow.

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