To learn from Apple…

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One thing that we need to learn from Apple is its marketing strategy. The most sought after iphone is releasing this Friday, but the marketing seems to have kick started in January itself. Probably the ‘Academy Award’ started it, but then without much effort of the people at Apple the speculation around iphone has been going around the globe. So much so that there are sperate blogs created on iphone by ardent followers. This speculation inturn has affected its stock price!

Now how does the ‘marketing team’ in Apple make use of this unforseen and unprepared advertisements. Well the people in Apple are sure happy and also cautious that the majority of the mass use iphone and not view it as some ‘tech’ gadget ….so the phrases being used are video, audio and internet access. This sure is to draw the mass. The tech part of advertisements has already been going around from die hard apple fans. Looks like the key words used by the ‘marketing’ team at Apple have also hit the majority becuase, if you are ‘not heard of iphone u must be from another planet’.

But all the team at ‘apple’ are worried is that the ‘hope’ created does not die down and the iphone lives up to its expectation. This successful campaign should result in a successful product. Looks like it is easier to sell a product when it is already sold!

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