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Remember my observation on the delay of flights in my post two day’s back on ‘My Travelogue’, looks like the FAA or the Federation of Aviation Administration read my thoughts and of many others like mine. They are in the process of bringing about a planned Air Traffic Control Network ‘NextGen’. The present ATC or Air Traffic Control system was built during the World War II and obviously the aging process is beginning to show; it is forecasted that the system would become obsolete by 2015. Already the non compliance of the sytem with the present day Air Traffic is shown through Plane delays, Technical problems etc.

So what does the new system do; for one the new system would install GPS systems on the Aircraft which not only provides information about Ground stations but also about other planes within its range, this would eliminate lot of problems like that of landing, avoid collision etc. This new system is based on a satellite based system called as the Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast orADS-B. Pilots can also receive weather forecast which used to be verbal relayed from the ground station.

This new system would definetely help in easing air traffic and help in predicting the range of other airoplanes and weather. I really hope that the ADS is implement at the earliest, to help people like me who find it real fustrating waiting in airports for hours together; can you think I could have clinched a deal in those hours!


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