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Every Thursday 4 pm the whole of Market Simplified gathers around the Open Air Theatre (OAT) for the “Thursday Talks”. It’s a series of individual sessions where employees talk about topics that they are passionate about. It can be technology, travel, health or just about anything else under the sun. Last Thursday we had SakthiKumar talk about Organic Farming. Sakthi, who hails from a farming family, is a Senior Quality Analyst at MSIL during weekdays and an organic farmer by weekends.

ShakthiKumar on Organic Farming

ShakthiKumar on Organic Farming

“Right from day one, we were following only the traditional organic farming techniques and its yield is as good as the modern farming”, he stated proudly as he began the session. When he spoke on farmland conservation, he mentioned that the usage of chemical fertilizer have not only affected the quality of the produce but has also degraded the natural micronutrients in the soil to an alarming extent. He also pointed out that unlike modern farming techniques, organic farming is self-sustaining and cost effective.


Sakthi in his farm

As agriculture is near impossible in a city, he encouraged us on having a terrace garden where people can easily grow vegetables and fruits that can be used for day to day consumption. He also gave tips on preparing natural manure and pesticides. He answered all our questions patiently, ensuring that we understood just how easy it would be to go organic. It was an informative session and what made it furthermore exciting is hearing it straight from a farmer who is one among us.

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About The Author: Gokoulane Ravi is a foodie, technology enthusiast, and a developer turned marketer with more than 5 years of experience in the space of mobility. When he is not working, he likes to read, write, run and cycle.

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