The world of web 2.0

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Welcome to the world of web 2.0! For you guys out there, who are a novice as far as technical jargons are concerned, let me explain to you in simple words, about Web 2.0. An article on Cnet, explain clearly about the usage of web 2.0, which inspired me to write this article. I would not be elaborating on Web 2.0, but here is a brief write up on Web 2.0.

Though I am unable to find a clear definition of web 2.0, it can be defined as a collaborative medium within the site, unlike the earlier approach, which needed a complex document management system. Web 2.0 paves way for interactive and collaborative means of using the web page. Another important aspect of the web 2.0 is that unlike the earlier versions, they provide access to the end user themselves, through easier tools. By following simple instruction, an end user would be able to use some of the techniques available on the net to collaborate and interact. Some of the most important web 2.0 tools are wiki and blogs. Where instead of emailing message, the same subject can be discussed and improved upon through interactive web pages like wiki. It not only paves way for improved interaction between consumer and the manufacturers but helps them to interact with other groups too. This form of interactive web pages are slowly entering into the corporate world and thereby paving way for an easier and interactive mode of business. This definitely does not mean that it would replace the existing complicated means of DMS (Data Management System). Since web 2.0 is more simple to use and a user-friendly method it is just an easier form of communication or medium within any circle, be it corporate or academics.

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