The new flying machine

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Guess it is enough of the Bears and Bulls story that I gave you last time. Well here is something interesting and that too in the air, if you guys are scratching your head then I will relieve you (I cant if you have a dandruff problem though!)Ok guys I am talking about the new flying Machine called as the SAX 4O, the good news is that it is a passenger aircraft and does not look like one. For one the designs are completely different and it is about 300 times more silent and fuel efficeint. Well the other good part is that this new aircraft is the brainchild of a cross section of scientists, academicians and pilots. Hence the result cannot be less than ‘WOW’. If you guys are rushing to get your passports ready hold on, this new machine is into lot of detailing now and would be available for flying only in the midst of 2008. So hold your breath and age until this machine is ready to fly!

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