The ‘Godliness’ in me:

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I had undertaken a trip to the ‘temple city’, Madurai last week and wanted to share my experience there. For one the traffic to the city has increased by leap and bounds, a few years back there was only one Indian Airlines flight between Chennai and Madurai, now there are about nine flights operative on a daily basis and they are all booked. I could come to only one conclusion; Indians have shed their conservative attitude and are starting to spend, though there was no dearth of money actually speaking! This I must say is a positive step and infact good for the economy as a whole.

The facts read as follows: the full fare for a Deccan flight operating between Chennai-Madurai-Chennai is Rs 13,000/-, and a return flight to Singapore might cost me around the same amount….amazing!

Coming to the purpose of the visit, I got to visit the most beautiful temples and the architectural wonder in the form of Pazhamudircholai, Kudalazhagar, Kalazhagar. I was caught by the architectural brilliance and was immersed in the deep spiritual vibrations that these temples were filled with. This was a refreshing change and provided a complete satisfaction to my spiritual side.

One more aspect of the journey that I would like to reflect upon is the ‘Guest House’ that I stayed in. I got the opportunity to stay at ‘TVS Guest House’ which provided me with a ‘clean’ experience, the House was filled with antiques and was maintained so bright and clean. The bathroom tiles and floors were spotlessly clean, even giving the best five stars a run for their money. I believe the floors and tiles are cleaned everyday irrespective of whether people are staying there are not. Guess a new certification must be introduced on cleanliness called the ‘TVS House Certification’. I repent there are no photographs take to show you people. I really do hope hospitality industries take a cue and work towards such beautiful maintenance.

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