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As Tom Krazit puts it in his article. “Intel has new ideas for mobile computing”, talking in the
‘Intel Developer Forum’ Dadi Perlmutter and Anand Chandrasekar exectuvies, Intel unleashed the new Mobile Internet Device, and also the plan to bring about a whole new network services to service them. For the past many years Intel has been concentrating on Mobile strategy on notebooks, but looks like they would like to take it more than PC’s nowadays.

As far as processor sections are concerned, Intel plans to ship silverthorne which has many integrated features. Discussion was also on ‘Moorestown’ a low power concept which is promised to consume ten times less power. Intels another strategy is to increase the demand for MID as an alternative to smart phones, to get the Internet in one’s pocket. This strategy is adopted by Intel after its failed attempt to get its chips into the mobile phones!

Next discussing on WiMax Krazit feels that Intel would also publicise the use of WiMax as an alternative to cellular networks and would be ready to test many of its product on this technology.

Next year Intel is planning to bring out ‘Montevina’ which has many of the features discussed above. After unleasing many of its product in the forum and discussing on the various technology, Intel seems to be all geared to prove its dominance on technology to the world!

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