The effect of Recession

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What effect is the U.S economy having on the east? It was quite evident from the report on the ‘Reuters’ online news. Japan is facing the brunt as Tokyo sheds 2% as investors take shelter in Government Debt. Crude Oil prices rose at $101 per barrel early this week. What more Japan’s index Nikkei shed around 1.9%. The situation seems to have worsened when news of Credit Suisse $2.85 billion write down and Societe Generale’s scandal promising to reveal more have sent the Stocks spiraling down. Is U.S in the grip of Recession or not? is an argument which many like to indulge in. But the apparently it should get out of the recession period by the third quarter of 2008 and the index should reflect this outcome by the second quarter, so does that mean that the stocks would show the positive results by second quarter of 2008. This needs to be seen!

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