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Can I be ever far away from a good article? The answer is No. It was one such very interesting article that I came across in Wired Magazine, which I would like to share with you. The article is written by Leander Kahney- News Editor of and is called ‘One Infinite Loop’.

According to the article, it traces the evolving of leaders in leaders in Silicon Valley and how all the top companies CEO had adopted eglatraian approach in managing business and most importantly managing employees. There is one small exception though in the Form of Apple’s Steve Jobs. Tracing back to the times when CEO’s left their cubicles to understand their employees: It is a known fact that Bill Hewelett and David Packard introduced in what is now called the ‘Managing by Walking around’ which encouraged employees to communicate to executives informally. Intel executives gave up the comfort of their offices to become on par with engineers by using the standard issue cubicles used by all. The Mountain View campus of Google is famous for its perks in the form of roller-hockey games and Google’s engineers have autonomy on what projects to choose and to work.

Steve Jobs seems to follow a different pattern altogether in the form of the ‘fear factor’, even the best performing asset seem to have come at least once on the receiving end of Jobs, who demands perfection. Then what makes them stick, one may argue it is the standard that he sets that becomes an obsession for many to achieve, since it is difficult to get a phrase of praise from him everyone in Apple seems to be toiling away to earn the same. But one thing about Jobs that many seem to accept is his ability to get the best out of anyone. Though Apple might differ from others in the Silicon Valley on many heads, it has the ability to bring about the best products in the form of iPod, iMac and iPhone and continues to defy recession to this day and this might be attributed to Steve Jobs strict vigilance.

The argument apart at INXS tries to combine the best of both worlds in the form of egalitarian working environment and freedom to take ownership of one’s work, the perks offered etc. But yes we try to bring about a organized way of doing things and the result it great products and a good support!

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