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The year 2013 for MSF
started with a high adrenaline note with our own version of Ship it day.  Shipit was a 24 hour codeathon held at MSF
office, Chennai.  The day was 18th
January 2013.

The Background of Shipit
according to our Delivery Head, who had organized the entire program along with
the rest of the team from Market Simplified

“We want to create a work environment to foster
creativity and scratch itches. To play with new technologies and to build
projects together. To learn and to have fun.  Our hope is that ShipIt days will provide ample slack time that is
free of direction to spend on building new apps, fixing bugs, improving
internal processes, and contributing back to our communities.”

So with the basics of the Ship it
intact, it was time to commence the 24hour codeathon.

The Count Down: On Friday 18th January  2013 at 3PM 
the team talked briefly as a large group once more about what they  planned  to work on, and then dispersed  off into teams (or individually) to begin
working.  At
4pm, an hour was set aside for presenting their project in the Open Air Theatre,
which was judged by a jury. The Jury comprised of members from different teams
including Corporate, Finance, Technology and Sales

The outcome:  With 16
team and 56 participants, it was a huge event with a great success.  

Here is the crux of the projects that
were showcased:

  • Voice enabled
    trading application, Crash log reporter,
    Device console for QA to see the iPhone log.
  • A trading app to
    showcase new interaction ideas like Augmented Reality, Gesture Recognition, and
    some new innovative controls, helping user to trade quick and with much more
  • Log Viewer via
  • Automation and
    Release management for devices
  • Streamer Optimization in Backend & NIO streamer for Android.  
  • Two additional
    features for our existing Charts component in Android
  • MSF Encryption
  • Practices,
    Methodology, Guidance, Reference Document
  • "Predict N
    profit".  This app aims
    to make business out of a common and popular event like a Sports event,
    election etc.
  • Android App Widgets
  • Push notification for Android devices (GCM) 
  • Finding  NLP based keywords in News articles
  • MT4 application for
    BlackBerry 10.
  • Reliable,
    well-controlled and low risk continuous Integration and delivery for MSF

ShipIT 1

The Good  part
:  almost all the projects were ready to
be shipped at the end of the Codeathon.

The Impressive
 MSF has got a very strong team which can put
together some amazing release ideas in 24 hours!!

ShipIT 2

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