Take care of your Antivirus

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Symantec, one of the leading Anti Virus producers, have come under questioning. As their product client security 3.1 and Anti virus corporate version 10.1 has some flaws, which could allow any hacker to enter the system and create damage to the programs like editing, changing or deleting the program itself. The flaw, which was discovered by eEye digital security, could unleash an Internet worm, which could lodge itself on the computer and create havoc. This type of flaws doesn’t even require the consumer to do anything like click on the website, the mere launching of a virus could destroy the system. Symantec has accepted that the flaw is indeed present, and has reassured that it is trying to fix the same, though no reports of any damage has been reported so far. Well many of us are on alert since the major blaster worm damages of 2003. But no one could predict hackers who use such flaws to trigger a virus. As most of us know, hacking has become more common for materialistic gains.

Guys if you have installed any of the above said anti virus, be on guard!

source: www.news.com

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