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Strategies are something we talk about everyday, but do we follow some of the basic ones? Under the strategies outlined in the ‘Entrepreneur’ magazine. Barry Farber in the sales/marketing strategies has outlined some of the basic rules required for sales/marketing effort to become successful. Physical Conditioning, Mental Focus, No Limits and Attitudes towards change are some of the basic and important rules.
Physical Conditioning as we all know matters most as the state of the body defines state of mind and for a tough mind, it is also necessary to work out. Focus is something we need to definitively to have, setting no limits to learning is very very important as every event is a learning process and it is important not only for the sales team but executives in every position needs to be continually in a learning process. Attitude about accepting change is what defines a successful business.

So with these very few basic but important points, it is easy to refresh our thinking process and think anew. Thanks Barry for those important and essential points!

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