SSI to lease out property toTCS

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Talking about the growing IT sector, here is one more example of the future development of Information Technology in Chennai, many major names in Information Technology have already been established in Chennai. Tata Consultancy Services is all set to buy the 1.5-lakh square feet of space owned by SSI, on Vadapalani. This is one of the space that TCS would be taking on lease other than the five to six other development centres that it plans to take on lease in various parts of Chennai. The lease period would be for two to three years, by which time it expects its Siruseri facility to have been completed. According to Ravi Shah, Vice President of TCS, if need arises, they might even buy the vadapalani facility of SSI, but as of now there are no talks regarding that.

And to all those aspirants, TCS plans to increase its workforce to 10,000 and to 7,000 as of now. With more and more IT industry finding its root in Chennai, and many new ones establishing itself. We need an improvement in the infrastructure facility and of course more development to be undertaken by the Government of Tamil Nadu.

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