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I came across an article by Charles. C. Mann for wired.com, according to him, abandoned blog sites are the breeding ground for Splogs.Splogs are nothing but a new term, which is created by using the letters ‘spam’ and ‘blogs’. To give an insight into ‘Splogs’, the new generation of scammers take advantage of such inbound links to increase the ranking of spam sites. The spammers use software to link the site to Splogs. For obvious reasons, these Splogs pop up when a search is made (relating to the original blog names). It is difficult for either Yahoo or Google to oversee them. Thus a well known blog site can be linked to a Splog as blog sites are so often interlinked, though there are no law against ‘Splogs’ the can be a real headache to real bloggers. So how can we identify Splogs and curtail them. For exanoke, in case of ‘blogspot’, the blog name with more than one dash can be considered a Splog. It might link to a different spam site and hence be wary of linkages and how they sound.

‘Technocrati’, the biggest blog search engine is quite serious about this and are charting out ways to reduce the Splogs. Well let us take an initiative and try to identify and reduce spam and Splogs.

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