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Talking about making the earth smaller. Some of the gadgets used for this seems to shrink the world and it would be easier for each of us to call out ” Honey I shrunk the world”. If you are still wondering if my head in in a spin, then yours would be too when you read this – After the path breaking ‘talking over the net’ through Skype, it is time for the skype based phones. I am talking Wi-Fi based phones (they are designed like candy bars) require only wi-fi network to operate. The two hot selling phones on these market are that of Netgear’s Skype Wi-Fi phones and WSKP Charges WSKP100Wi-Fi phones. You need the computer only to add contacts and to register you account. The similarily between the two phones are that they can navigate through open network, both have similar navigation schemes. Wow we are really heading towards a smaller planet

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