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Constant traveling, presentations and meetings especially in different continents of the world, does take its toll; And so here I am taking off for a few hours………..I guess. Well entrepreneurs are restless lot and I am no exception. I had to run through ‘Entrepreneur’ before my suggested sleeping schedule and here is what I liked.

It is an article from ‘Entrepreneur’ titled Sell by Barry Farber. Many of his observation did agree with mine and hence here are some views: One creates his own style of selling. There is no one way to do it or a single person from whom it can be imitated from. From past 25 years of his learning, Barry Farber feels that each seller has his own unique style and there is no one set way of doing it. I agree with it entirely, infact each situation is different and might demand a different way of selling than the other. He discusses the process in three words called CDC which is Collect, Discard and Create.

As very obvious ‘Collect’ is to be in a constant learning process where you can pick up a lot, especially when you see other successful people do their selling. It is important and inevitable to collect your information from the high quality stream of resources and people.

The Discard theory is quite obvious but very few adopt it. The art lies in to let go of things which are not useful to you. It is important to keep filling your head constantly with new things and discard those which you feel are old and stagnant.

To strive is to create one’s own unique style of selling based on the knowledge which we have gathered. To keep reinventing oneself. Success lies in recreating and succeeding to the ever changing world of sales. These three theories need not necessarily attribute to ‘Entrepreneurs’ alone but to the thousands of individuals who have sales management and even personal goals.
The information present might be known to many, but it is important that one keeps in mind the three simple steps and pursues them.

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