Scary Stock Story

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I know this sounds off beat. But weird things happen on a Full moon day not only in the movies but also in the ‘Stock Market’ Well if you are raising your eyebrows and are frowning ( well be informed that I was not watching exorsist while typing !). Research done on the stock markets of the G7 countries do really show a very eerie corrleations!

Well the story goes like this According to a research done by Ilia D. Dicler of the University of Michigan and Trody. D. Joes of Buffalo give the following results” Review done on 25 stock exchanges over the past 30 years show a strong relation between lunar cycles and stock prices (remember this was done on the G-7 Nations ). ‘Annualised daily mean daily retrns are higher around the new moon than on the full moon’ “. Well all those heavy investors in the stock market beware of this Lunancy!

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