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Posted by | October 12, 2006 | Life - INXS | One Comment

We at INXS identify passion and dedication when it is in excess, and the person who seems to fit the bill is Hemant, our Web Application Developer.  He joined INXS purely to pursue his passion for Ruby on Rails.  Hemant has joined us from CTS and had overcome many hurdles to pursue his passion. 

We at INXS identified not only his skills but his passion, and we have been aptly rewarded by making him part of the INXS ever growing family.  It is time that we appreciate his efforts and contribution in the ‘building’ of INXS and hence as a token of our appreciation and as a source of encouragement for others we are proud to present Hemant with "Most Valued Software Developer Award for August 2006".  I am sure this would be a source of encouragement for others and I take this opportunity to applaud the contribution of  ‘team INXS’. 

Congratulations Hemant and congratulations to our other team members for making INXS one of the best!

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