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Reengineering (or re-engineering) is the radical redesign of an organization’s processes, especially its business processes. Rather than organizing a firm into functional specialties (like production, accounting, marketing, etc.) and looking at the tasks that each function performs,

“reinventing the wheel” is an important tool in the instruction of complex ideas. Rather than providing students simply with a list of known facts and techniques and expecting them to incorporate these ideas perfectly and rapidly, the instructor instead will build up the material anew, leaving the student to work out those key steps which embody the reasoning characteristic of the field.”

The above definition is from Wikipedia. Reinventing, Reengineering are the most commonly used phrases. What is the need for reinventing oneself or reengineering the business process? Well when a person achieves his or her said goal, it is not the end of things, it is important to maintain the level and all the more to achieve higher plains, well how does one do it if one is already exhausted the strategy and planning to achieve his goal; here is where ‘Reengineering’ and ‘Reinventing’ the process comes into play.a When one approaches a fresh goal or tries to maintain the standard one achieves. This not only gives a fresh lease of life to the person but brings in new perspective where process of doing the same thing can be viewed in a different light and this makes achieving the goal all the more interesting and fresh.

It is also important to put in those ideas and tools that we already know to proper use and practice such that the consequences are better. This gives added values to both product and process.

It is important for any person or a business establishment to reinvent itself to bring about freshness, zeal and of course to achieve a whole new height!

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  • Deepak says:

    Hello Venkat!
    You’ve put across some nice thoughts here! Indeed you’ve come a long way since the good ol days at the Colony 🙂

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