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Yes, I have had experience in addressing gatherings …but this one was different, this was RESPONSIBILITY… I am talking about my participation in the ‘RMD Group of Institutions’ meet. I was invited to talk on’ Dreaming Big! Guys you might think that it is not a very ‘conventional looking’ topic and you thought right!

As I said, addressing this gathering and expressing my views was a responsibility, because I was addressing a group of some of the future entrepreneurs and professionals and I am sure they will prove to be an asset to the society. This would be a great opportunity to give them an idea on what awaits them ‘out there’, and what difference their contribution can really do to the society. Well I would definitely want to put forth my views, and what more great opportunity than addressing the Gen Next!!

The Next Generation as I see and perceive are the most blessed lot and opportunities are aplenty, it is in their hands to take advantage of this opportunity. I feel that given the scenario they are in the right place and at the right time.

I as a student used to look forward to such meeting where the ‘people’ in action could give their views and tell us about the ‘real world’. Well I guess I am at the different end of things now and hope that my views and thoughts open the window (or at least a keyhole) of the opportunities available.

As I said folks this is a prelude to my speech and will keep you updated on the D-Day till then keep watching for my blog…

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