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Most of us would have utilised 15th August as a day to relax, to hang out with friends or just watch television. In other words enjoyed the freedom which our forefathers had earned for us. Yes it was a long struggle then, it is the fruits of that struggle that we are able to enjoy right now! What do we do now so that our future generations could enjoy the fruits in some time from now….what else give a secure, comfortable and a well equipped society. For this each of us must be responsible for our own action and think about the consequence it would have. It is also required that each of us is responsible for at least one of our less priveledged brother and strive to make his future generation a well equipped one.

Each of us as an educated, free citizen of India, has the responsibility to strive for a prosperous society that inturn would strive to give equal opportunity for all. Believe me equal oppoprtunity and education for all is the only answer to have a prosperous and developed India. India is already on the path of being a ‘developed’ nation, but it should not stop at the point of GDP or growth percentage alone, we need to set an example for one of nations that believe in equal opportunity for one and all irrespective of any differenciation, and this could start only with us as responsible citizens of this great country.

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