The Challenge

The exchange believes that technology will continue to provide the necessary impetus for the organization to retain its competitive edge and ensure timeliness and satisfaction in customer service. In recognition of the fact that technology will continue to redefine the shape of the securities industry, the exchange stresses on innovation and sustained investment in technology to remain ahead of competition. Extending this very premise, the exchange in alignment with the financial inclusion vision for the country wanted to provide last mile connectivity to market information and transaction capability seamlessly to the populace.
With the ever increasing penetration of mobile connectivity as against internet penetration in the country, the exchange believed strongly that going mobile would assist in its above mentioned goal. Providing access to real time market information and transaction capability across all mobile devices was the requirement. One clear demand by the client was the best of breed application with a compelling user experience to ensure large scale diffusion and use of the application.


Market Simplified having successfully launched mobile trading app with some of the top brokers globally our approach towards solutioning for a mobile trading application natively built across all OS, has always been that of customization and co-creation in order to churn out a best in breed solution which was very much acknowledged and appreciated by the client before engaging. The biggest challenge and now a testimony to Market Simplified capabilities is the solution ensures maximum coverage across a multitude of devices in India. Devices that aren’t necessarily smart, yet more than 60% of the indian population uses them.


500,000 + users
Coverage achieved across 90% of devices including feature & smart phones to maximize usability across a wide user spectrum
Completely self serviced with additional value added features provisioned
Engage customers anywhere with specific content, market data and technical indicators