The Challenge

“Not having a mobile application is like closing your business one day each week”. Mobile is definitely transforming the way information is accessed and has great potential to improve communication, engagement and self-learning. MB Trading envisaged as more customers turn to mobile to access trade related information, implementing an efficient mobile strategy will help customers better manage their portfolio and increase customer satisfaction.

Solution Features

The MBT Mobile application is designed to provide active traders on the go with real-time quotes and information about their transactions and enable them to place and modify orders on mobile. Forex Quotes, Forex Charts, Global Markets and the FX Board features can be viewed by anyone. All other trading features require an active MB Trading login.Additional app functionality allows users to watch on-demand news from their devices, and create watch-lists to receive alerts for their favorite stocks and research more about the company. All relevant features of the online version is made available on mobile.


Enabled complete portability
Incredibly safe to trade on mobile as the chances of sharing mobile device is very less
State-of-the-art mobile trading app offering the same functionality as desktop trading platforms
Research current market conditions and place important trades, all from the palm of your hand