The Challenge

Each mobile platform is different with regard to the user interface, user experience, human computer interaction standards, user expectations, and user interaction metaphors, programming languages, API/SDK, and supported tools. Various devices exist with different properties such as memory, CPU speed, and graphical resolutions. APIs for various platforms change frequently within each software development kit (SDK). Kotak Securities was looking for an integrated development partner who can support & deliver on totally different (marketplaces, languages, tools, design guidelines) with rich capital markets domain knowledge.

Solution Features

Trade in stocks, derivatives & currency derivatives
Place orders. modify or cancel pending orders
Check available margin in the account
Check available funds, order status and day’s positions
Track live market movements by viewing the levels of Sensex & Nifty
Get market and indices updates
Trade in futures & options – Track equity and index derivatives
Track your portfolio performance
View intraday charts – Stay on top of the Nifty and Sensex updates
Get customizable as well as predefined watch lists
Get stock quotes – live feeds ensure the fastest quotes
Get stock tips from market experts


Customer stickiness and traction improved
Connect stocks & mobility in a highly secure, scalable and flexible platform
Instil interest on launch and beyond to drive user engagement
Reduce training and customer on-boarding time with intelligently guided interactions