Mobile Middleware Platform

A cutting edge intelligent middleware that collates multiple information requests integrated with all your enterprise systems to run agile business applications with maximum efficiency all on a cloud.


  • Centralized managed hosting solution or per region hosting
  • Runs on commodity hardware and standard Java stack
  • Consistent UX/UI design for group branding across apps / devices
  • Granular business analytics across regions / users / devices / features
  • Low on maintenance and high on service availability / expandability


  • REST for service runtime and PUB/SUB for streaming runtime on the mobile
  • Standard ESB / MQ as messaging backbone and RDBMS as data store
  • Simple Web management console for service provisioning and control
  • Flexible deployment options like public cloud / VPC / private cloud
  • 24/7 monitoring and support with defined service level agreement


  • Uniform app experience across multiple trading regions
  • Low-bandwidth service access across device spectrum
  • Streaming price from multiple exchanges on a single page view
  • Seamless in-app purchase and subscription mechanisms
  • Globalization support for region specific locale and language

Value Added Services

  • ‘N’ pre-built value added services connectors / adapters
  • Additional security mechanisms like 2FA / OAuth
  • Community around trading users via social connectors
  • Instant news feeds from world / regional media houses
  • Consistent alert and push mechanisms across apps

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