Plan to Increase Retail FDI:

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Talking of India, there are plans to increase the retail FDI, though nothing concrete has been decided so far. This might be the agenda for India in the coming moths. Metro the cash and carry retail outlet in Calcutta is more than happy with the response and is showing interest in expanding its operations in other parts of India. The Government must take care such that it doesn’t affect the other retailers in India, as well as provide opportunity for the Investors. Commerce Minister Mr. Kamal Nath is of the opinion that such a decision should prove fruitful to the small sectors and to the farmers as well.

Let us analyse the various outcome of retail FDI. More products would ensure more international goods for the consumers to chose from, this combined with increase in the Per capita income of individuals can result in more productivity and hence more employment opportunities for the smaller sectors. The back end operation of these retail outlets can in turn be given to smaller sectors and the farmer community such that there is rural development as well. But all said and done I think the Government should come up with policies, which would protect the indigenous retailers as well provide employment opportunity to the rural sector.

Courtesy: The Economic Times

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