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Cant believe that I have started getting my life more disciplined. Sleep early, get up early, eat properly…too much, but really feels good and healthy. My running is also streamlined, doing about 4.5 to 6 Kms per day. Should tell you that when you get up early it feels as though you day is too long and you have lot of time for everything in life.

Ok now you should have guessed it by now, I am saying all this because I was able to find time to get all my photos in to my laptop to upload it here. So you get up early I am sure you will also find lot of time for all the extra activities. Now lets get to what this post is all about

Swiss or French Alps from the Plane


JFK Space Center in Orlando


Old Space Shuttle on Display, cant believe we could touch and feel one


Space Attire, strictly no other dress code in Space 😉


The good old NASA building where the Space Shuttle is Assembled before it is taken to the launch site. Massive Structure I should say. The Flag you see there is suppose to be the size of a Basket Ball court. Then imagine the size of the building (if got to be to fit in all the rockets and the space shuttle in one go)12052008050
Govi and Praveen at the WES Conference in Orlando, cant believe Govi in Formals

Will try and upload some pics of our Helicopter tour shortly

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