‘Over a Cuppa’

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A lot can happen over coffee’ is what the caption for ‘Coffee Day’ reads, well major decisions are being taken over a cuppa at INXS. Well one major and good one was that of hiring Vinod, our Business Strategist. Vinod was with ‘Merchant Navy’ before he joined us and since then it has been’ Land Ahoy’ for him. Vinod who was on his path towards ‘Captaincy’ wanted to pursue a career, which was strictly not ‘by books’ and this, is what INXS gave him. INXS believes in productivity and performance and not rules.

After a series of strategic interviews we concluded that Vinod fit the role of ‘Business Strategist’ for INXS and we were right! After serving in major shipping companies like that of V Ships and Maersk, Vinod has finally reached shore with INXS and we hope the best for him.

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