Nuance communications paves the way:

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Well there is a new competitor on the block for Adobe Acrobat users. The PDF converter of Nuance converts text to voice. I.e. PDF documents to WAV audio. At the movement the text is read over by a male voice. There are plans to improve the technology and offer the services in other voices. This converter complies with the U.S standard for accessibility of documents for disabled users. Infact this particular technology released by that of Nuance communication could be defined as “ Blessing in the form of voice” for disabled people, especially for blind people. The PDF converter version 4 will be available in the form of corporate edition from August 22 for the U.S citizens for a prize less than $100. Hey this technology is cool it combines practical usage along with a good price factor. Other than this like the Adobe Acrobat reader, the soft scan version provides the conversion of PDF format to excel, word and Corel draw format. Other than the above features the Nuance software is secure that it allows access only through the permission mode. This particular technology has also been successfully tested on the Microsoft vista version.

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