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How many of us have unused mobile phones lying in our drawers, i think most of us have. Nokia in its recent press release in its website has reiterated the importance of recycling Mobile phone. Among the various mobile phone users across the globe, including India many do not know that phones are recyclable. Nokia’s site claims that about 74% of mobile phone users feel that they dont think about recycling. It seems that about 80% of Nokia’s mobile phones are recyclable. And do you know to what the various parts of mobile phones can be put to, well I was amazed at the number of uses – the list is from a kitchen Kettle to a dental filler! wow I surely did not know about this. According to the site even “if each of 3 billion people using mobile phones can bring back unused mobile phones, about 240,000 tonnes of raw materials can be saved and an equal amount of green house gas emission can be prevented”. So now you know what to do about your unused mobile phones!

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