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Nilekeni co founder of Infosys while talking to one of the reporters of economic times, laid emphasis on infosys listing in NASDAQ, its growth in the global market. According to him the purpose of registering with NASDAQ was to build global brand, to create currency for acquisition, to inspire confidence to customers and to raise cash. All these were definitely achieved by Infosys since its registration with NASDAQ. Infosys has been making good revenue from 2002-2004, when asked on this, Nilekeni replied that since its registration, they have been making good revenue, by taking advantage of the IT boom on the global level. While with the onset of 2004 the business is led on value based i.e value for money approach, and people no longer believed in investing more and more into new technology. Infosys had tapped on this and was able to make quick change with the change of the mindset of the people.

Well good news for all those who hold Infosys shares. Because the new CEO believes in changing with times, and this has what has paid off.


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