New Breakthroughs!

Posted by | October 31, 2006 | Entrepreneurial | No Comments

As you people know, the Softwares that are lately being developed has become more and more user friendly. Well to give you a example is the new type of tool that has been developed for non programmers. This tool is called as ‘Coghead’. If you are raising your eyebrows then here is more, this tool can be used by almost anyone, the only qualification you would require is that, you must be well qualified in using a simple Excel Macro. Well this application was developed by Mr. Paul Mc Namara, who was a former executive at Computer Graphics.

It is a boon to those who want to use their own business software. Just imagine guys no need for the ‘middle level’ business men to go in search for a programmer, instead he himself could develop a customised software to suite his business. Well this is what I call a real breakthrough. So all those programmers there beware!

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